With the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria and the senseless murder in Oklahoma, there seems to be more news than usual for August. But a silly and irresistible (although revealing) story has broken through around the edges in Washington. It appears that, consistent with today’s Democratic approach to the workplace, some former interns have formed something of a grievance committee, launching a campaign to convince the White House to pay its interns.  What a bunch of whiners.

It is ironic on many fronts that some (but surely not all) Obama White House interns are agitating to get paid.  Never mind the fact that these interns signed up knowing exactly what the terms were.  The point is, they want more and they expect the government to give it to them.  Typical. What happens to people when they get in close proximity to a government payroll? Are President Obama’s pro-entitlement policies so powerful they’re affecting even the White House’s own interns?

Internships should be thought of as more school. You are learning something. You are there as a fortunate observer and you might even be able to help the cause a little. You are not “hired” as a legitimate value proposition. And by the way, a White House internship is a distinct honor. It is a credential that will be part of your pitch to the rest of the world for the rest of your life. If you don’t think the opportunity is worth some sacrifice or a little planning to be able to scrape by for a while – even if you have to sleep on a friend’s couch – then you should quit. Go be an intern at your local “Occupy” chapter, put that on your résumé, and see how that works out for you.

I suspect the White House has many earnest, ambitious, driven interns who wish the leaders of the Fair Pay Campaign would quit being so helpful. I hope they speak up and put their loudmouth, bothersome, wannabe peers in their place.