I’m late to getting to this today. Many already have noted the great story out of Kentucky about the guy who was happy to hear about the new Kynect health insurance exchange, figuring that it must be better than Obamacare (even though, of course, it is Obamacare). Good commentary from Sarah Kliff, Kevin Drum, Greg Sargent, Steve Benen and Paul Krugman.

And, yeah, this is exactly what I’ve been saying would happen for some time now. But never mind that! It’s time for the next question:

When will Republicans begin complaining about Democratic “Obamascare” ads that “falsely” accuse Republicans of wanting to take away people’s health insurance?

Just as Democrats have been “falsely” accusing Republicans for years of trying to eliminate, privatize, cut or otherwise destroy Medicare.

I don’t think we’re going to see it in the 2014 election cycle. What about the 2016 election cycle? Surely by 2020, no?

Oh, and will those work-the-refs complaints be packaged with calls from the very same politicians to repeal Obamacare? I sort of think so, just as we’ve had Republicans bashing Barack Obama and the Democrats for Affordable Care Act Medicare cuts at the very same time that they complain that Democrats refuse to reform entitlements.

And they’ll probably do that because — and perhaps this is the kicker — it’s still very likely that “Obamacare” will stay just as unpopular as ever, especially among Republicans, even as it becomes political suicide to take away Affordable Care Act benefits.