George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin who was found not guilty of second-degree murder last month, just can’t stop doing things that thrust him back into the spotlight. There was the “look, I’m a hero” rescue of a family in an overturned vehicle. Then there was the “You didn’t see my name?” speeding ticket in Texas. But Zimmerman’s latest attention-getter defies comprehension.

Zimmerman used a Kel-Tech 9-mm pistol to shoot Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Fla. So, what did the former neighborhood watch volunteer do this weekend? According to TMZ, he went to the gun manufacturer’s Cocoa, Fla., headquarters to apparently shop for a rifle. Not only that, Zimmerman got a tour of the facility by the owner’s son and posed for at least one smiley-faced picture with an employee.

The visit set off widespread head-scratching and curse-filled questioning. But the reaction from Shawn Vincent, the spokesman of the attorney who kept him from rotting behind bars, was the best.

We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart. That was not part of our public relations plan….
From that perspective, we are George’s legal representation, but I don’t think he takes our advice on how he lives his life or what factories he decides to tour. We represented him in court. We got the verdict that we believe is just, and the rest of George’s life is up to George.

Zimmerman clearly has gone rogue.