Obama's America (Rick Wilking/REUTERS) Obama’s America (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

On the occasion of the passage of 50 years since the historic 1963 March on Washington for civil rights and jobs and all that, everyone in the world is either listening to or giving a speech about how far we’ve come as a nation and the work we have yet to do. Everyone outside the PostScript Bunker, that is. In here, we’re discussing a poll. See, Dana Milbank wrote about this poll of Louisiana Republicans in which almost a third of them responded that President Obama was more responsible for the “poor response” to Hurricane Katrina than President Bush was. Even more weren’t sure! The smallest percentage said, okay, it was Bush’s bad.

As Milbank writes, there is a very slim chance that these Republicans actually literally believe that Obama messed up the Federal Emergency Management Agency from his position as junior senator from Illinois. They just want to stick it to Obama every chance they get. For that matter, PostScript wonders what the point of asking this question was. Presumably, the point was to get this result, which could then be reported in the media as proof that some Republicans are so gosh-darned partisan that they will take any opportunity to stick it to Obama, even when it means knowingly saying something untrue and/or ridiculous. And gosh-darned Republicans will take this as further proof that the media sit around searching for ways to call them dumb.

Now, trust PostScript here, the 3,000 comments reflected no one whose mind or vote will be changed by reading this. Nor did she find any avowed Republicans who acknowledge that the findings of this poll might be problematic or avowed Democrats who find this poll a meaningless entrapment.

So what ARE we doing in the comments? Making happy fun of each other.


I do so love articles such as this. So many of the comments are pure gold in terms of entertainment value (though some set new lows in crudeness).


“Welcome to the Party Pal!” Now Obama knows how Bush felt when he was blamed for everything from Cancer to Iraq. The difference [is] most of what Obama is and will be accused is the truth so help us God.


The people who answered “unsure” are more interesting. I’d like to know how many of them are flat-out ignorant vs. how many know damn well who was at fault, but couldn’t bring themselves to go on the record with the truth.


Keep posting, haters. You do nothing to attract people to your ideology or your party. Just the opposite.

And what is so entertaining? Well,

Ohhowpeopleforget responds this way to being called a birther:

Proud of it. It was on the backs of “birthers” that this country became great and had character and respect.

And later responds to a charge of racism this way:

You’ve got to give up this racism crap. Do you realize you are wearing that argument out? So much so that when real racism DOES occur, people are tuning it out b/c people use it for everything as an excuse when things don’t got their way? Let it go already.

(That a similar thing can and shall be said about birtherism did not get mentioned.)

And finally, if we’re doing all of this to spite the other team, RedStateLiberal finds that spite only fuels democracy:

You can’t really vote them out. They like it when we don’t vote. I find myself voting out of spite. I don’t care for the President, I live in Mississippi and I’m a black scientist, so in all other elections I just want to vomit.

PostScript doesn’t need to see the polling numbers on who looks at elections and wants to vomit. But she wouldn’t mind someone calling her up and asking so she could push the “end call” button really hard.