The slow-motion train wreck that is Anthony Weiner will come to a stop soon when he finishes in single digits in his bid to become New York’s next mayor. I will miss him. He is like NASCAR for me: only worth watching for the crash, and he has some spectacular ones.

The latest is a video of him arguing with a patron of a Jewish bakery on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. The patron makes a comment about Mr. Weiner marrying an Arab, and the in-your-face argument is on. You can see Mr. Weiner loves to fight, but what is so typical of his pathology is what he fights for. Not for the honor of his wife, but for himself. He will not be judged, he says, by any man, only by his God. Weiner then proceeds to lose the debate to the man who made the bigoted attack. The antagonist becomes the rational one to Mr. Weiner’s furious self.  He even offers Mr. Weiner some good advice: “Talk to God, and work our your problems.”