One could probably quibble with the value proposition, but the Heritage Foundation has placed a remarkable exclamation point warning about the dangers of Obamacare in America’s foremost intersection.

The Heritage Foundation is taking advocacy against Obamacare right to Times Square via a 90-foot high, 67-foot wide billboard. It is a remarkable show of force.  As Washington really gets back to work after the summer break and Obama’s non-war in Syria, this is a giant focal point that helps direct attention back to this critical issue.

The Heritage Foundation Web site serves to clearly state that the dangers to your health from Obamacare are not just hyperbole. They document specific companies that have dropped coverage for their employees and the negative impact of Obamacare on groups such as college students. They actually make the case that Obamacare will have a negative effect on millions of Americans — not just on their health care or health insurance, but on their actual health. It’s a powerful accusation.

And, when you follow the billboard instructions and text “HAZARD” to 33733, they text you a link to a video of real doctors discussing the hazards of Obamacare.

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