Washington Navy Yard shooting Navy Yard workers evacuated after the shooting are reunited with loved ones at a makeshift Red Cross shelter at Nationals Park. (Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS)

The Post recently determined not to allow commenting on certain news stories. Two of the big stories from today’s Navy Yard shooting did not have comments. One, a constantly updating liveblog, did.

All today the story has been “breaking” or “developing,” and at this writing, D.C. police say one shooter is still at large. Commenters used the space to ask for more information, as well as to push back on how much information The Post is releasing.


So have they posted a resource for folks who take transit through the area? I’m told South Capital Street is still open but are they really going to be sending buses down there? Should I bail and try to get home another way because by 6 it might be closed/too crazy/hijacked by loose gunners?


Why has WaPo stopped the comments on the stories? No one thinks the comment sections represent the reporting by the media. Complaints about speculation are meaningless, on the other hand, one can learn some details not reported in the official press.


They don’t allow comments for the majority of stories that involve deaths, especially on a local level. The comment section quickly becomes racist and ugly. I’m glad they do it.


Why allow comments on this part then?


Where the shooter is pinned down is TOO MUCH INFORMATION!


Since I’m here in lockdown, I’d like to know where the shooter(s) are, thanks. Makes zero difference to their ability to get away, but might make a whole lot of difference to those of us trying not to get shot.


Listen to me. My job was to treat people with severe mental illness in a maximum security lock down psychiatric hospital. There are people out there who will do stuff to GET ATTENTION. The 24 hour news cycle CAUSES this kind of event to happen. There are small things we can do to prevent this. Let’s start with two. Don’t publish the person’s name and don’t show his picture. Please cut and paste this paragraph to an email to your elected representatives. These two steps do nothing to hurt freedom of the press.

We’re gonna keep hitting refresh.