Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Flextronics plant that will be building the new Motorola smartphone “Moto X” in Fort Worth. (Mike Stone/Reuters).

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley visited the op-ed page today to do some chest-thumping about how great is Maryland. The way he chose to illustrate this is to argue that the Maryland Way — which he calls slightly higher taxes, slashing spending but investing in education — makes Maryland much more business-and-worker friendly than Texas.

There is a saying in the PostScript business: always mess with Texas, because it turns into a big ol fight in the comments. Texas vs. Maryland, commenters. GO!


The dirty little secret is that Texans live up to the ugly stereotype that the world has universally held for them for the past 150 years. Contrary to what Texans will tell you, the image of a mean, ignorant bully didn’t arise from an evil conspiracy by “libruls”, “soshullusts” and Muslims, it arose from people interacting with Texans.


“An evil conspiracy by ‘libruls,’ ‘soshullusts’– I see what you did there. Lemme guess: Takoma Park?


I am a Republican, a member of the (dwindling?) libertarian wing of the Party. I believe in limited government, free markets, the rule of law, personal responsibility and personal liberty. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t look to government to run schools at all. But we don’t have a perfect world, and in the real one, as things are, it is the government that operates most of our educational system. That can’t be changed overnight and possibly not at all given the circumstances of our society…and education is too important to neglect, fighting over the perfect way to conduct it. Funding schools HAS to be a higher priority for us than building prisons, conducting military adventures abroad, maintaining vast networks to spy on our own citizens (and everyone else, apparently), and subsidizing a military-industrial complex so huge that it has no conceivable adversary, or combination of adversaries, that could even approach its power, on the entire planet.


Psst. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t think you are a “Republican” any more : ).

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As a native from MD who now lives in a dumpy state (RI) which was hammered by the economy, has poor school systems and terrible infrastructure, I’m reminded every time I return to the DC area to visit my parents about the recession “bubble.”

Thanks to the jobs (and everything that flows with it) guaranteed by the federal govt, the DC area has been protected from the true recession. As shopping centers sit empty and homes are left behind in many states, new building occurs constantly in the DC area.

Not a fan of buffoon Perry and not in MD enough to know all the ins and outs of O’Malley policy, but I do know its easy for the governor to ride the coat tails of a wealthy area of his state which borders on recession proof (at least when compared with the rest of the USA).


As someone that has live in MD for all but 5 of my 52 years, I think the MD Governor makes excellent points. I know a lot of my work colleagues that live in VA wonder how I’m willing to pay such “high” taxes by living in MD, but I do feel that I’m getting something for those taxes. Both of my children have had excellent educations and public services are very good. I can see what my taxes are being used for and it makes sense to me. I’m proud to be from MD and continue to want to stay there!


Another dirty little secret. Texans are the biggest gossips on earth. Within 2 weeks, everyone on your block will know everything about you.


Left [Maryland] in March and haven’t looked back. If you don’t plan on voting Democrat, just don’t tell anyone, if you like having air left in your tires. Mine got slashed in February by Obama voters.

Of course, they might have been lying about being Obama voters, like you have to to stay alive in Silver Spring.


Texans are so kind that when my German ancestors refused to fight along with them in order to preserve the institution of slavery, those losers killed [wounded soldiers]. Nueces Massacre — look it up. That is still part of the Texas legacy.


Fortune 500 companies located in MD: 4
TX: 53


PostScript is a little surprised that, at least in the comments, Texas and Maryland partisans among Post readers seem to be about evenly matched. There must be some pretty good alarm system warning when Texas is messed with.