Ted Cruz Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) after finishing his overnight crusade in the Senate. Jimmy Stewart didn’t look this together after 21 hours. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

PostScript thought yesterday that arguing about Obamacare would rule forever as America’s favorite pastime, but it has already been overtaken by events. The hot thing now is to argue about Sen. Ted Cruz arguing about Obamacare.

On the one hand, arguers from Dana Milbank to Jennifer Rubin to Sen. John McCain submit that the 21-hour filibuster-esque development Cruz engaged in accomplished nothing to do with actual Obamacare funding but merely attracted a bunch of attention for Cruz and raised a lot of money for his supporters.

On the other, arguers ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz to Sen. Ted Cruz maintain that attracting a bunch of attention and raising a bunch of money is a pretty good goal in and of itself. If, as most analysts predict, there isn’t a good way to defund Obamacare at this point, protest might be the mightiest option left, even for a senator.

PostScript apologizes; she was being facetious. There are plenty of PostOpinions commenters on Milbank’s column who also approve of Cruz’s actions. Attention for Cruz was the point:


Perhaps Cruz’s filibuster was doomed from the beginning, most are. What Dana of course misses is the point of the filibuster. It’s to bring attention to an issue in which the filibusterer passionately believes in. What’s wrong with that? How does bringing attention to an issue harm a party?

rodney006 sees such devastation in America’s future that there is political value in being Obamacare’s biggest, even ineffective, obstacle:

Ted Cruz deserves applause for his fight against this convoluted monstrosity from which Congress and the Obama minions demand exemptions for themselves. Obamacare makes no sense, will destroy American health care, health care providers, eliminates personal medical decisions, and cost trillions to implement. I view him as a “statesman” and not a “politician” who put principle above himself. Those who criticize him care not a whit for the posterity of our Nation. We will fight this dungpile law tooth and nail.

Arete hints that the mainstream media calling the filibuster-ish-ing ineffective is exactly the outcome Cruz and his supporters wanted:

This Cruz, contrary to Washington opinion, is not dumb and he is no friend to Washington and its insiders. This outrage and plethora of negative articles in the Post PROVES the point.

edbyronadams agrees. Establishing himself as Mr. AntiObamacare now seals in future support for Cruz:

Many who have to pay will be unhappy. Cruz is now their man. This is about the only strategy available to make a conservative look good in the eyes of the young.

And 85edwardearthlinknet doesn’t appreciate The Post helping attract attention to Cruz:

Once again, America and its press have elevated the leading screwball radical in the Senate to international prominence. He is the subject of — wait for it! — SEVEN news and op-ed articles in the Post today!

For her part, PostScript is genuinely impressed at the senator’s stamina. Twenty-one hours is Mr. Smith territory! And he totally got to build his boys’ camp, or whatever it was that he wanted so badly. Or maybe not, PostScript can’t remember that part. But he got a lot of attention.