Booklets outlining health insurance options Complicated enough? Booklets outlining health insurance options for Californians. (Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

It’s getting so complicated following who is fighting whom and why and how around the debt-ceiling-hike-defund-or-delay-Obamacare-continuing-resolution extravaganza that the PostScript Bunker whiteboard has run out of room for categories. For example, Sen. Ted Cruz’s whiteboard category is “made a 21-hour speech to delay a vote for cloture on a House bill defunding Obamacare but funding the rest of the government, and then voted for cloture, so the only obvious benefit of the 21-hour speech was that it took 21 hours, most of which Congress would be closed for anyway.”

George Will argues that the mess we have, and the mess we’re likely to have before this is all over, is going to get blamed on Republicans, since now the fight has 47 variables other than Obamacare, which will distract the public from the Obamacare mess. So he advises Republicans to get out of the way so Americans can see the mess and where it came from.

weather3014 contends that it’s more complicated than that. The costs will be invisible for some time, until it’s too late to stop Obamacare:

The failure in Obamacare is the cost. Not to the individual, but to the deficit and therefore to my children because those subsidies are coming from somewhere. At the same time Obamacare does not lower the cost of the healthcare unless you count the high deductibles as a possible limiting factor to elective use.

skeats1 says the whole big mess is reminding everyone to sign up for Obamacare, so thanks, Sen. Cruz:

The great thing about Ted Cruz and the Republican fight over defunding the ACA is that it is providing free publicity about the implementation of the ACA next week. Now if only a little correct information about the insurance exchanges is offered, the plan will be able to take off with plenty of enrollment, as needed to make it work right.

edbyronadams says it’s worth it for Republicans to label themselves as REALLY REALLY against Obamacare, even if none of their gambits now succeed:

The Republicans lack the political power to stop the ACA. The actions so far have the goal of branding themselves as the anti ACA party. It takes a great deal of showmanship to get the message across to the voters in the hinterlands.

Yes, when the bills come due, and they will be enormous, there will be anger and the Republicans are positioning themselves to be the beneficiaries of that anger.

Blutosphere says the entire effects of Obamacare are always going to be obscured:

It’s simply too complex to succeed or fail. It’s like asking if the future will succeed or fail.

Whereas kitchendragon50 says Obamacare itself is already a decoy designed to fail, so that the Democrats can claim we need a more liberal system:

George has it backwards, Republicans should not throw Obamacare into the briar patch. Obamacare is merely a step toward total government control (single payer). The Democrats fully recognize that Obamacare WILL fail and, since you cannot revoke subsidies, single payer will be the solution.

So, Sen. Cruz has been playing right into the Democrats’ hands! Obamacare will only fail if it succeeds! Quick, somebody warn the senator he has to make another speech, this time about how great Obamacare is.