President Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole Last shutdown was a simpler, more innocent time, when people sat in rooms together. President Bill Clinton meets with House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) in 1995. (Greg Gibson/AP Photo)

Hey, guys. Here we are, and there’s the cliff.

Oh wait, that metaphor was a couple of legislative crises ago. Anyway, here we are again steps from the abyss, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that there’s a catcher in the rye to save us this time. Commenters on both sides of the shutdown debate think their side is the one willing to compromise, but they’re being rebuffed; both sides think that they’re winning, and both sides think that they will benefit from the incipient government shutdown.

Today, the Post’s editorial board blames both sides for being “inordinately concerned” with blame. If it were less important to everyone just who gets burned politically, we wouldn’t be here, almost out of rye.

But cdierd1944 says it really and truly is important which side gets blamed:

The Editorial Board needs to develop a backbone. There is no compromise to be had here that makes any sense. Despite what the Republicans assert, the public does not want to repeal Obamacare. When the individual parts of the ACA are polled, a majority supports the parts. The law was passed, the Supreme Court said it is constitutional, and the public supports its parts. Obama cannot back down. The Republicans have to accept full blame for whatever happens. Your editorial just muddies the waters.

Geezer4 says that if editorial boards were a little more forceful about which side gets the blame, we wouldn’t be here at the rye’s edge, either:

I see nothing wonderful about either party, but the Post’s position that there is some blame to be cast upon the Democrats, who, in my opinion are a shiftless lot, is typical newspaper B/S about trying to show both sides, even when there is only one side (A Republican Moebius Strip of intransigent actions by a small faction overpowering a large more reasonable segment of the House of Representatives).

Neither the Congress nor the Post is free of disingenuousness.

MSBMSB says, on the contrary, the fight’s still going on only because the Democrats are overly concerned about seeming to win:

So, let me get this straight. If the Senates passes the bill before them, the Government doesn’t shut down? Is the problem that Obamacare is pushed back a year? Didn’t Obama do that himself (for businesses)? What’s the problem? Do the Democrats in the Senate hate federal workers so much that they’re willing to shut the government down just so they won’t allow the Republicans to appear to get a political win?

So how can we decisively apportion blame quickly enough to avert a shutdown? Presned has the solution already!

We took our own poll today. In our household, we think Obama carries 40% of the blame and GOP carries 60%. Ok, now that that’s settled, can’t we get on with solving the problem?

Within seconds of this PostScript getting published, undoubtedly.