A sign posted on the door of the USDA's National Resource Conservation Services office in West Bend, Wis. Inconvenience regretted: The USDA’s National Resource Conservation Services office  in West Bend, Wis. (John Ehlke/AP Photo/West Bend Daily News)

Shutdown time. Except there are a whole lot of exceptions — garbage in the District will still get collected and Social Security checks will still get mailed out. So what will have to happen to end the congressional stalemate? Who will have to get angry, and how angry?

It’s unclear. The shutdown is polling very poorly, and, according to Michael Gerson, the Republicans will take the blame. Unluckily, he argues, the tea-party faction refuses to take this as a defeat. Traditionally, it would be considered political defeat, so clearly those aligned with Sen. Ted Cruz are keeping score a different way. Gerson suggests this way they have of keeping score does not exist in any shared reality.

To be fair and balanced here, PostScript does allow for an entirely new political paradigm: one in which one’s own party –and one’s own faction of one’s own party —  getting blamed for something people don’t like is NOT a political loss, and is in fact awesome. In the comments, tea-party sympathizers are similarly hedging their bets. The shutdown might be good or bad, and it might be, respectively, the doing of Republicans or Democrats:


Gerson doesn’t have a clue how terrible Obamacare is to the future of Americans. He is still living in the past. The Tea Party wing has morphed into both anti-Obamacare and anti-war. This is terrible news to neocons like Gerson and John McCain.

Davy Crockett

There is nothing to negotiate. Republicans were elected to Congress for immediate redress of the grievance of Obamacare being forced down America’s throat by progressive Democrats. Suck it up and put your big boy pants on. This is how it works by design. I know…that pesky Constitution

dave in san antonio

How is it that the GOP is the crazy party? The Great One shouldn’t be able to get away with changing by executive order the politically harmful parts of his legacy law. The federal government would be funded and coughing and sputtering right along right now if the Senate agreed to delay the mandate for all Americans.


The Republicans will cave first and Democrats will own this monster. We did everything we could to restore sanity to America. Now it will be up to the Dems to fix it.

On the Democratic side, we see some parallel-universe arguments:


So do you who support the House Reps on this agree that if the tables were reversed the Dems would be right to insist that any CR also include gun control legislation?

Kress Hugos

The Democratic-controlled Senate is now threatening to keep the government shutdown and default on debt, wrecking the economy, unless the Republican controlled House agrees to a universal single-payer healthcare system.

Some parallel universes get EXTREMELY DETAILED. PostScript will stop talking here, because there’s a big ol’ post she wants to share in full:


Well, it’s all over, folks: the Obamacare exchanges went live today. I don’t know how it went down where you all are, but where I live, brown-shirted gay Mexican illegals showed up at my house right after Fajr ended (Obama makes them pray to Mecca before stealing American freedoms), broke down my door, forcibly installed an abortion machine in my wife’s uterus, and told me not to go to work because I was going to get welfare instead.

The line at the welfare office took hours (all the employees were gossiping on their Obamaphones, after all), but fortunately the time flew by thanks to the forced indoctrination tapes they made us watch while we waited. I learned so many things! Did you know that God was invented by capitalist oppressors to keep down the proletariat? I didn’t, until Reverend Wright told me.

After they drew our blood and replaced it with chemtrails, they led us out back, where Bill Ayers gave us guns and made us shoot our old doctors, because we were going to have new doctors provided by Canadian Planned Parenthood. Then he took our guns away, so we couldn’t resist the government.

So now I’m sitting at home munching on the arugula and quinoa cakes Michelle Obama replaced the red meat in our fridge with. I was told to think that they tasted good, but I really wish I’d listened to the Tea Party when they told me that this would happen, because now I’m not so sure. I hope I figure it out before they death panel us tomorrow afternoon.