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It’s another shutdown day! The Post Editorial Board had already ruled that the House GOP was actively harming America by threatening to obstruct the debt-ceiling rise. Today they state that the GOP aren’t getting anything out of it for themselves.

PostScript has taken some flak of late for biased sampling — that she has been quoting more tea party types than everyone else, even if their comments aren’t the majority opinion, in a sniveling MSM effort to appear “fair.” PostScript freely admits she pays special attention to the political outliers who, say, cheered Sen. Ted Cruz on, because honestly, what they have to say is very interesting. In addition to The Post Editorial BoardJennifer Rubin, Rep. Devin Nunes, Grover Norquist and the Onion all agree with Bernie Sanders et al. that Cruz, House Speaker John Boehner and the tea party have stepped in it over the shutdown. So PostScript seeks out those who disagree with all of them, because comments are for what the editorial didn’t already say. Widespread agreement is difficult for PostScript.

So, fringies who think the shutdown is a good idea, what ARE the House Republicans getting out of this deadlock?

hipshot sees, rather than victory, the righteousness of leaving it all on the field, plus the good optics of backing down to save the economy:

When it looks like the economy is in danger we Republicans will back off. We did everything we could to stop the monster. Of course the economy will still be in very great danger, but not because of what we did.

JimmyGums says a shutdown isn’t the journey, it’s the destination:

“The House GOP has nothing to show for its government shutdown.” Except a shutdown?

salanatoli is holding out for revealing pretty much all economists as smoke and mirrors [though if the default doesn’t kill us all, it takes away Boehner’s leverage]:

Shut ‘er down and default. All the panic about harming the economy is pure, unsupported speculation. You know what happens the next day when we default? We get up in the morning and go work, school, shopping – same as we always do. Republicans should not compromise even a little. If Obama agrees to everything we ask for, we need to ask for double that amount after the initial agreement. It’s the only way to eliminate the federal government (everything but defense needs to revert back to the states.)

People who don’t necessarily think we’d be better off reinstating the Articles of Confederation also think the showdown has its advantages for House Republicans:


The GOP did manage to get the sequester off the table. The Dems are no longer crying about the need to replace the sequester which is slated for even more across the board cuts next year. This is a major victory for the TEA party types. The Dems are just not smart enough to know they have been played.


Actually the GOP has accomplished much. When they do finally give in, hopefully before the 17th, the government would be funded at a level near the Ryan budget. And no one will be talking about it, because of the GOP insanity. Then the deal will be to talk about MORE cuts they can “negotiate” with the President and the Dems in the senate. SO in the end they got and will get their way.

trouble maker

Don’t raise the debt ceiling! Make Obama raise it himself. There, Obama broke a law now we can impeach him!
Senate won’t convict but we can run on the law breaking President for a year and win the house and senate next year!


What have Republicans accomplished? Money is pouring into 527 organizations like the Heritage Foundation and Club for Growth, and it is these entities steering conservative politics through people like Ted Cruz. Shutdown, default and polarization all are big money makers for uber-conservative pols.

And jayjay9 says the GOP will get a whole new Post Editorial Board out of it:

As usual, its sycophancy time at the Editorial Board whilst many are hoping these “me-too-ers” get the boot when the new ownership takes over.

Because Obama and his henchmen are so uncompromising and so greedy, they have failed to grasp that the attention to the shutdown has obscured their small victories in capturing a much wanted terrorist and, possibly, extricating themselves from a Syrian mess.

Come on, Editorial board, get your resumes ready for MSNBC—or start acting and believing like real moderates instead of the mealy-mouthed far left mouthpieces you have become.

Wait a minute. Jeff Bezos is already in charge. Is jayjay9 implying someone else has bought us since he has? Whoa — is it the Koch brothers?