Sen. Ted Cruz (center left) and Sarah Palin (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Seeing photos of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Sarah Palin together at yesterday’s problematic Million Vets March, I am reminded how very alike the two are. Both of them crave media attention. Both of them blame the media for their travails. And they wallow in a feeling of unfounded aggrievement. No wonder Palin endorsed Cruz during his 2012 Senate primary race. Thankfully, Palin has not been in a position to exercise hypocrisy on a grand scale like Cruz has.

When I mentioned to a congressional source yesterday that the first-term senator with degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law is this political season’s version of the 2008 vice presidential nominee who frightened the nation with her woeful lack of preparation for being a heartbeat away from the presidency, my source agreed, saying that Cruz is Sarah Palin, “only smarter.”

May his political star equal the dull shimmer of hers sooner rather than later.

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