(Courtesy VoteVets.org) (Courtesy VoteVets.org)

While veterans stormed memorials yesterday with the help of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and former half-term governor, best-selling author and reality television star Sarah Palin, another veteran was on the airwaves hitting Republicans — and hitting them hard — for the government shutdown. Coming after the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll showing 70 percent of the nation thinks congressional Republicans like Cruz are putting their political interests ahead of the country, this has gotta hurt.

Redge Ranyard is featured in a powerful ad taking congressional Republicans to task for the shuttered government and its impact on veterans. The 90-year-old World War II Navy veteran was ticked off by a comment House Speaker John Boehner made nearly two weeks ago. According to the New York Times story that got Ranyard’s blood boiling, Boehner told his raucous caucus mere days after the start of the shutdown, “We are locked in an epic battle.” In his response on behalf of VoteVets.org, Ranyard doesn’t mince words.

I was in six epic battles, fighting the Nazis….. Your shutdown is not an epic battle.  It’s bad governance.  Americans and American Veterans like me depend on the entire government being open.  I served this nation with honor.  Today, I can’t say the same about most Republicans in Congress.

Welp! World War II veterans are called the “greatest generation” for a reason. They saw real battles. They actually liberated people from tyranny and totalitarianism. They helped usher in U.S. dominance of the 20th century. So when one is moved to publicly question the honor of members of Congress, you cannot help but take notice. Sadly, the folks Ranyard is yelling at are impervious to shame.

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