David Jackson (Courtsey of MSNBC)

By now, you know David Jackson. He was among the 20 or so people MSNBC producer Stefanie Cargill and I interviewed in Belmont, N.C., last month about Obamacare. No matter their political persuasion, they all had in common a shared confusion about what the Affordable Care Act would actually do. But in my 26-minute conversation with Jackson at the Belmont General Store it became clear rather quickly that Obamacare was the tip of the iceberg of irrational fear of President Obama. Last week, I shared excerpts from the Jackson interview in which he held forth on the sins of Obamacare and his firm belief that the president doesn’t love this country. Below is the raw MSNBC video of my interview with Jackson. I urge you to watch both parts and this segment from MSNBC’s “Politics Nation,” which does a great job revealing the roots of some of Jackson’s stunning assertions.

Many of you asked how I could maintain my composure as Jackson unspooled one conspiracy theory after another against Obama. The short answer is it’s my job. But it was also fascinating to talk with someone who was as respectful as he was earnest in saying that “illegal aliens” would take advantage of Obamacare, that the Muslim Brotherhood held a prayer service “on the East Lawn of the White House,” that he doubted the killing of Osama bin Laden “ever happened” and that Obama is “the most dangerous person that’s ever walked in these United States.”

David Jackson: Part One

David Jackson: Part Two