Between the leaks, hackings, negligence and inexplicable blundering, this administration has seen more than its share of lost data and massive transfers of sensitive information to the media and other unauthorized sources.  And soon we’ll be seeing headlines like, “Personal information and confidential health-care data ‘lost’ after Obamacare Web site mishap” or “Identity theft on the rise after Obamacare Web site security is ‘compromised.’”  After the latest Obamacare Web site failure yesterday, where the data services hub that verifies applicants’ personal information crashed, is there anyone who doesn’t think this is coming?  We all know it’s inevitable.  There is no chance that Americans’ personal, private financial and health-care data will be safe and secure within the Obamacare system.

Remember, Obamacare and its Web site is the brainchild of the same administration who let Edward Snowden walk, who were surprised at the Wikileaks dump facilitated by Bradley Manning, and who thought it was a great idea to leak information about the classified Stuxnet program to the public in order to flatter themselves.  I think it 100 percent certain that this administration cannot be trusted to make sure that our personal, confidential health-care information is secure on the Obamacare Web site.

The reaction from the president and Democrats will also be predictable.  President Obama will say that no one is angrier than him about this “glitch.”  Whoever is head of the HHS at the time will be “outraged.”  There will be an investigation, but the damage to innocent Americans will already be done, while those responsible shrug and point fingers at each other. And remember, the investigations will probably turn out to be just as effective as the ongoing investigation into who was responsible for the attacks in Benghazi last year.

It’s a joke.  And since we all know what’s coming, it’s all the more reason to root for Obamacare to fail.

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