Booklets outlining health insurance options for Californians. (Robyn Beck/Getty Images) Booklets outlining health insurance options for Californians. (Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

The old adage is, “all politics is local.”  Well, all health-care politics is personal. And thanks to President Obama and his Democratic allies, today every American adult is anxiously evaluating the personal status of his or her health insurance. In most cases, these people either can’t get any answers or they don’t know if what they are being told is accurate or even truthful. This is big. The Obamacare debacle has become something of a national collective focal point. The entire country is engaged, and it’s not a holiday or a sporting event. It’s more like a natural disaster. A slow motion, rolling disaster — and the storm surge might not peak until November 2014.

The unintended consequences of Obamacare have only just begun. More and more Americans are receiving health care plan cancellation notices, and it’s possible that the number of cancellations is greater than the number of new enrollees. And between Team Obama’s incompetence and denial, you can bet that no one had a plan to deal with these problems, even if they were warned. It is unlikely they can turn things around quickly. What will the political fallout be?

Well, you can’t count on the New York Times to tell you what the political fallout might be. Only the New York Times could write a story analyzing voters’ anger and what might be driving the 2014 elections and not even mention “Obamacare.” Not once. In fact, they didn’t even mention the words “health care.” Nope, all they can see is voter anger directed at the Republicans over the shutdown. Is it just me, or does the shutdown appear to have gone a little stale as a political headline?

Obamacare is a story that has legs. Even if the Web site is running perfectly by the end of November — and that is doubtful — Americans still are going face higher premiums, fewer choices and a lower quality of care. Democrats and their enablers in the media can try to avoid the subject, but the weight of Obamacare on the Democratic ticket is obvious.


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