Terry McAuliffe, under the impression he has won. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post) Terry McAuliffe, under the impression he has won. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Over here in the PostScript Bunker we’ve been arguing for weeks about why and how Republicans lost last night’s gubernatorial election in Virginia. Virginia’s just not that into culture wars! The Republican nominee was chosen by the hard right of the party! The Richmond scandal tainted him! Washington craziness tainted him! But none dared postulate that Republicans and their candidate, Ken Cuccinelli II, might actually win the race, even so far out from election night.

But election night has come and gone, with some surprising results! And now, in the comments to an editorial explaining Terry McAuliffe’s win as a victory for moderation, we can finally argue that, hey, hold on a minute, the Democrats actually lost this election. As in, they should be very sad and ashamed about it.

[Incidentally, PostScript isn’t sure moderation is really what won, given that the attorney generalship seems likely to be going to a man whose most well known legislative accomplishment was proposing, and then withdrawing, a bill that would make you keep evidence of your miscarriage around so the police could investigate it.]


Despite a very large lead in the polls, McAuliffe’s campaign couldn’t deliver a large majority of the vote. Having Obama, Captain for TEAM INCOMPETENCE, campaign for him was a big mistake in the wake of the Obamacare debacle. It just reinforced the Republican argument against Obamacare.


TM won by 60,000 votes and 145,000 went to the third party candidate. That’s like being thrown out of a speeding car into the governor’s mansion.


$15 million to win by 60,000 votes. Great job.


McAuliffe winning is bad news for Hillary[Clinton]  in 2016. Terry is scandal-prone and lacks experience. No one really likes him (not even the Democrats) and that’s how he lost to Creigh Deeds the first time he attempted to run for governor. I don’t expect him to [be] a popular governor and if there’s another scandal while he’s in office, then Hillary will have to run from McAuliffe when she easily could have run against Cuccinelli.


BS. What prevailed was:
– 10 to 1 spending advantage over the Republican.
– Visits by a past President and Secretary of State – with none on the GOP side
– and as importantly as anything else, a Libertarian candidate, supported by a Obama bundler, who likely took the winning points off the board for the Republican.
Even with all that going for the Dem, he still barely won. Dems need to face it, in 2014 they are going to get their butts whupped again due to Obamacare, and a President who lied to the American people.


Really only 3 counties out of 95 carried TM to victory, and those counties are government workers, the slackers in this society.

RadOne says the Democrats didn’t win…The Washington Post did! Hey look!

Only the Post, which has long attached its lips to the posterior of the Democratic Party (nationally and in Virginia) and in this particular case to that of Terrible Terry, could actually believe this tripe.
Months of negative and biased news stories (which would ordinarily be called placed advertisements) and an unswerving editorial allegiance to Mr. McAulliffe, surely took their toll. It obviously still does as the Post is even now unable to report or admit the truth.

It’s true. This whole editorial, and in fact many news stories, treated it as a fact that Democrats won the governor’s election, when it’s clearly a matter of opinion.