San Francisco has gone gaga for Batkid. Peruse some of the photos taking Twitter by storm or watch the livestream video and you’ll see why. According to his mom, five-year-old Miles Scott, who beat leukemia, is a fan of superheroes. So the folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area sent out an e-mail to give the Oregon tyke a day he won’t soon forget.

The city by the bay has been renamed Gotham City. More than 11,000 volunteers fanned out all over town to help Batkid save a damsel distress, chase the Penguin, collar the Riddler and accept a key to the city from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. But what made the spectacle that much more special was how thousands of people lined Batkid’s route or camped out in front of his next point of adventure.

They jostled for position to see him with their own eyes and capture the fun with their cameras and smart phones. And they cheered. Man, did they cheer, as Miles and his Batman chaperon went about protecting Gotham City. To watch it all unfold is pure joy.

“Hey, #SFBatKid, you think you could make your way to Capitol Hill??,” I tweeted as I watched Miles fulfill his wish. From the government shutdown to the travails of “” (h/t Thomas Roberts), things are pretty bad here in Gotham-on-the-Potomac. Perhaps a melt-your-heart superhero can get things going in Washington again. The nation could use his help.

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