President Obama's face (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) President Obama’s face (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

In case President Obama was unclear (heh) on the stakes, Charles Krauthammer writes, the future of liberalism rests on how Obamacare fares over the next few months. The Web site might have been just a Web site, but people losing insurance plans they like and being unable to get something comparable will be how Obamacare dies. And it’ll take with it every benefit of the doubt the American people have about the government’s ability to improve their lives on a large scale in any way. Obama’s recent turnabout on existing policies made illegal under Obamacare reflects growing congressional Democratic skittishness — skittishness that could bring down the law even if it would work on its own. Which maybe it would, sure. Maybe.

By far, the largest commentary contingent was triumphant conservatives, ready to dance on liberalism’s grave. PostScript isn’t sure why, but there were more uses of the nickname “Barry” today than she has seen since before the 2012 election. “Barry” is attracted by the scent of liberalism failing?


Wait a minute. Is Barry purposely crashing the ObamaCare Titanic into a gaggle of icebergs so that Hillary will look like a conservative in comparison in 2016, so we’ll get four more years of lib idiocy?

PostScript was going to do an analysis of what the resurgence of Barry means, but in her research she found that at least 20 uses of “Barry” (in the 22 she counted) came in comments from itsmrharris alone. That probably skewed anecdotal observations.

As Krauthammer made the case that Obamacare might kill liberalism for a generation, commenters pressed the case further.

Haditinzona sees no need to use future or conditional tense:

Call it a day, liberals. Throw in the towel. The fat lady has sung. The cowboy has rode off into the sunset.
Obama has baked his legacy.

prosecutor1 cements Obamacares’s place in history:

This is clearly going to go down in American history as the biggest Federal government program failure since the Vanguard ballistic missile program of the late 1950’s.

mikecheck has gamed out the electoral effects:

I just want to thank the Dems for handing us the Senate in 2014. Much appreciated.

Which Willpower takes a step further:

We only need 6 seats in Senate to impeach Obama for lies and fraud.

cub4vt isn’t so sure:

President Obama was a genius to pick Biden as his running mate. Impeaching Obama may result in an even worse president.

And fans of Obama and Obamacare can only compare it to things that might be/have been worse.


Good to see you want to go back to 15% rate increases every year and more people uninsured so the current $1000 per year each of the insured pay for ER care for the uninsured can go up to $2000. Brilliant, just brilliant.


I’m not really that worried. People like Darrell Issa will ruin 2016 for the Rubs.

PostScript can’t be certain, but she thinks “Rubs” is a whole new nickname for Republicans that she hasn’t encountered before! Proof, as if any of us needed it, that the whole Obamacare thing is over and we’re fighting 2016 starting … now!