Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino responded to the post I wrote yesterday, “Republicans should boycott former Secret Service agent’s book”:

I find it unfortunate that DC insider and former lobbyist Ed Rogers, in his recent post on the Post Partisan blog, decided to take a disingenuous cheap shot at me and my book “Life Inside the Bubble” considering that he has profited handsomely off the very system the book decries.

Although Rogers has earned “upper-class” status leveraging his connections and his many years on the inside of Washington’s “Golden Gates,” my family and I have voluntarily forfeited any semblance of financial security to speak out against a broken system and a broken administration. Apparently, this discord appears to have generated no cognitive dissonance whatsoever for Rogers and speaks to his unwilling ignorance or willing malevolence towards those that threaten his lifestyle.

First, let’s clear up Rogers’s numerous inaccuracies because it appears that he has either not read the book, or has read it and willingly ignored its content. The book is neither a “tell-all” nor a personal attack on President Obama. Rather, the book is very complimentary of President Obama, his family and all of the presidents I put my life on the line to serve. The book is an attack on a Washington culture that has left families like mine behind, while enriching insiders and connected cronies like Rogers.

Second, despite many financial incentives to do so, I took great pains to avoid divulging embarrassing information about the administration out of respect for the office. My critiques are stated in umbrella terms and are careful to avoid specifics which would violate my sacred oath. The scandals I speak of in the book broke after I resigned from the Secret Service, and therefore his claims of a betrayal of trust are factually incorrect. Because I once put my life on the line for the president does not condemn me to a life of silence when I know that silence will do nothing to change the catastrophic path we are on.

Change requires sacrifice, and after all that my family and I have been through, I feel that we are paying our share of the bill for a better tomorrow.

Finally, what Rogers fails to understand is that the gross politicization of the IRS, HHS, EPA, DOJ, DHS and other agencies has led us to a severe constitutional crisis. Sometimes it is only those who have witnessed the severity of the crime who have the credibility to convince a jury of the American people.

My reply: There is no good that comes from a Secret Service agent using his honored position against the president he was granted the privilege of serving. Republicans and Democrats should all agree to draw that line.