George Zimmerman’s latest mugshot. (handout from Seminole County Sheriff’s Office/Getty Images)

Wait a minute! I went to lunch for one hour and came back to find George Zimmerman (back) in the news?! The acquitted killer of Trayvon Martin was arrested by Seminole County, Fla., police this afternoon after, according to WESH-Channel 2, he “was accused of domestic violence by a girlfriend.” We don’t know what the official charges are just yet, but if TMZ is right, Zimmerman is once again in big trouble.

This latest brush with the law comes two months after Zimmerman was involved in a domestic disturbance with his now-ex-wife Shellie. It comes almost three weeks after the gun-happy former neighborhood watch volunteer allegedly left a bullet-riddled target tacked to a wall in the home owned by Shellie’s parents after he moved out. And let’s not forget other attention-seeking antics, like the tour of the factory of the manufacturer of the gun Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon, traffic stops and pulling that family out of an overturned SUV.

News is still trickling out about what exactly happened, but know this: At the rate things are going, Zimmerman is on his way to becoming the O.J. Simpson of the 21st century. That is, a notorious personality eventually put behind bars for something other than the original crime everyone believes he committed but got away with.

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