The Post’s editorial pages captured the emotions of the country following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Here are excerpts of editorials and editorial cartoons that ran in the paper in the days following Nov. 22, 1963.

November 23, 1963: Shock


“The great government of this country, under the leaders appointed to succession, will go forward in all its domestic and foreign purposes, guided by men with heavy hearts, but with firm hands.”


“When generations yet to be born turn back to these times, they may be unable to discover, in the dusty archives of the Nation, a real disclosure of how many high hopes and expectations were excited by the years that should have been only the beginning of a Kennedy era in American life.”

Editorial: “THE ROAD AHEAD”

“Catapulted into the White House by an assassin’s bullet, President Lyndon Baines Johnson faces one of the greatest tasks that has ever fallen to the lot of a Chief Executive of this land.”

Editorial cartoon by Herblock, Post Staff

 NOVEMBER 24, 1963: Jackie


“But for his family, of course, there is no successor. To Mrs. Kennedy, whose gaiety and grace have been a constant source of delight for our city, and to her children, Washington can offer only the truth that the entire city has deep reason to mourn with her.”

Editorial cartoon by Herblock, Post Staff

NOVEMBER 25, 1963: Anger


“Our soul searching as a result of President Kennedy’s assassination ought to penetrate to the deepest roots of our society… Not only was it a crime against the United States; it was also a crime against humanity. It was a crime against reason, against government, by the people and against freedom.”

Editorial cartoon by Herblock, Post Staff

NOVEMBER 26, 1963: Moving on


“The people, having made their proper obeisance at catafalque and bier, at altar and temple, now much turn to the less ceremonial reverence they can pay to a departed leader… in commitment to the noble purposes and ideals that were the object of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s lifelong devotion.”

Editorial cartoon by Herblock, Post Staff

NOVEMBER 28, 1963: Let us continue

Editorial cartoon by Herblock, Post Staff

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