We're also going to have a whole year to come up with a name for this expression. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press) We’re also going to have a whole year to come up with a name for this expression. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

As bad Obamacare news comes in, the response of those who are pretty sure Obamacare will work has been: We are pretty sure Obamacare will work. Early tribulations — the Web site, canceled bare-bones policies — will look silly if the rest of it goes pretty smoothly.

Except, Marc Thiessen argues on the op-ed page, if it doesn’t go smoothly. Even if the current troubles get fixed, there will be another bad news dump right around the next national Congressional elections. More people losing their coverage without knowing they’ll like what will replace it.

Something weird happened in the comments today. PostScript would be loath to make any generalizations about the comments that appear on the opinions page of washingtonpost.com, since all generalizations are wrong. But she would have thought, before today, that there were no commenters who were apt to make Monica Lewinsky jokes right here in late 2013. PostScript also thought of herself as disillusioned. Alas, it was not a Monica Lewinsky joke PostScript wishes to repeat, even if she were in the business of repeating Monica Lewinsky jokes.

Otherwise, the tone of comments was overwhelmingly positive: a joyous dance on Obamacare’s grave, even if it takes a year to die.


Usually the Democrats dump their expensive disasters on future generations. This one will be dumped on Democrats up for election in 2014. This is why democracy is a great thing.


The critics of ObamaCare were right, and the liberals were wrong. You could just accept that, and be part of the solution or you could keep right on defending Obama while screaming that it’s the “Republicans” that put political ideas ahead of country. Whatever else you may think of Obama, his healthcare plan is hurting the very people liberals are always screaming that Republicans want to throw under a bus. If you really and honestly believed all of this “progressive” stuff you say you do, it’s WELL past time you proved it by accepting that you were not only lied to but at this point, you’re lying to yourselves.


Its a shame the focus on correcting this fiasco didn’t happen until the Democratic politicians were concerned about their seats. They still have no concern about what is best for the general public, just their jobs.

To bury the lede: Yes, you can go back and edit your comments now, though it apparently will activate a wormhole to 1999.