The Obamacare fiasco has not only imperiled President Obama’s domestic agenda, it now jeopardizes his foreign policy. This morning, the New York Times reports that a deal is in the works with the volatile and erratic Hamid Karzai to allow U.S. forces to continue to patrol Afghanistan for terrorists. Karzai had previously said he would require all U.S. forces to withdraw, a demand the administration felt was a blow to its global efforts to keep terrorism in check. In other words, the possible deal is a potential victory for Obama’s foreign policy.

President Obama (Drew Angerer/Bloomberg) President Obama (Drew Angerer/Bloomberg)

But, like any crafty politician, Mr. Karzai knows how to take advantage of weakness in a negotiation. His reported price for agreeing to let U.S. troops remain? A personal apology from Mr. Obama for military mistakes. It is an outrageous demand, one that probably wouldn’t have been asked of a strong president and one that a weak president cannot accept.