As a raft of recent polls have shown, President Obama’s standing in the eyes of the electorate has plummeted. The disastrous roll out of has put him and his administration on the ropes. But things aren’t all rainbows and unicorns for Republicans, either.

This chart from Huffington Post Pollster shows Obama’s favorability rating since 2008. The trend lines look like a drunk tried to sketch the Concorde and then got bored. On average, the president is viewed favorably by 45.2 percent and unfavorably by 48.7 percent of those surveyed. Remember, this is an average. In The Post-ABC News poll, Obama is totally underwater with the highest disapproval rating of his presidency, 55 percent.

Now, take a look at the chart depicting the public’s yawning disregard for the Republican Party.

The Huffington Post Pollster chart picks things up in Jan. 2012 when the GOP had an average unfavorable rating of 43.4 percent. Meanwhile, 34.8 percent gave the party a favorable nod. Today, the Republican Party is viewed unfavorably by an average of 59.5 percent of Americans surveyed. Oh, let’s just round up and say 60 percent. That’s the average, folks.

What these polls show is that the American public is unhappy with its leaders. All of them. While things are most definitely dreary for the president, they aren’t nearly as bad as they are for Republicans. And as long as the GOP continues to opt for obstruction over governing, Obama will retain the upper hand.

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