Just like 1995's "The Net"! (Karen Bleier/Getty Images) Just like 1995’s “The Net”! (Karen Bleier/Getty Images)

It’s very important, as mixed good-and-bad-and-really-bad news comes out about Obamacare’s implementation, that the two sides of the argument continue wanting to engage each other rhetorically. Both sides have some facts, but the long-term prognosis is a big question mark. It’s super great, then, when we get a new idea with which to argue. Dana Milbank supplies us with one today, as he casts the Republican House of Representatives as the stars of a horror movie, hoping to scare Obamacare out of the country.

And the commenters responded in turn. It got way cinematic in the Bunker today.

jaccquellleinewoods provided the overture for a musical:

15 Million Americans:
“Oh where oh where has my policy gone,
Oh where oh where could it be?
I was happy with my policy plan,
but Obama killed my policy on me”

JeninNC envisions a swords-and-sandals epic:

When Cassandra could foresee the destruction of Troy, she tried to warn people but they didn’t believe her. When Troy fell, they said it was her fault — she’d brought it about with her predictions. The names may change, but the story remains the same.

RU_KiddingMe12345 thinks the Republican strategy is another reboot of a known quantity:

You tried to repeal healthcare reform 40 times and shut down the government. To what end? Thus far, all the world is experiencing is yet more hysteria from the Republican Party. It’s a tired old movie. Good luck with future ticket sales.

Mz_Appropriated56 has a twist, complete with an unmasking, questioning which side is truly the bad guys:

Well, Republicans have finally been unmasked as the evil manipulators we truly iz. This whole Obama presidency thing came about so’z we wily Republicans could put a few well-placed nails in the coffin of Progressive ideology. We sure led you suckers down the “Yes, We Can!” primrose path. Yep. It’s true.

While RU_KiddingMe12345 RETURNS to the movie analogy in (dramatic pause) THIS COMMENT:

Oh, look another Grade B Movie matinee from the GOP – now it’s Hillary Clinton in a remake of [“]The Bad Seed” — oooh, scary.

And sparky1992 turned the plot into one of those spooky paranoid thrillers where everyone around you can’t be trusted, like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

When I confessed to a friend that I sometimes post on here, she looked at me pitifully, and said, “Only crazy people do that.”