Stone cold Harry Reid. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) Stone cold Harry Reid. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

If we’re going to be talking breathlessly about the Senate changing the rules for cloture, which apparently we are, we might as well use some powerful metaphorical language. In quite possibly the greatest search-engine optimization ever, Dana Milbank’s column about a procedural change about how certain judicial nominees come to get Senate approval can also be summarized as NUCLEAR NAKED POWER GRAB KARDASHIAN. Okay, PostScript hasn’t figured out how to get Kardashian in the keywords yet, but she has barely begun.

The NUCLEAR! NAKED! POWER! GRAB! engendered a lot of nuclear naked power angst in the comments. Even without the electrifying metaphor of implied power nudity, bward1 says/predicts there might as well not be any Republicans in the Senate at all:

At this point, Republican senators, and that includes sometime conservatives like McCain, McConnell, Graham, etc, should just go home, enjoy the holidays, and give some serious thought to not even showing until after the 2014 midterms.
Reid has neutered all power of the minority, rendering them completely null and void. And I’m completely convinced Reid is going to make this universal and extend beyond just judicial nominees. Thus, any Republican showing up now is just for, well, show.
This is some serious hardball politics. I sort of envy it, too, because I wish the current crop of Republicans were as bold.

Well, okay. IF the filibuster goes away in all cases, rather than just judicial nominees, she’d be my uncle.

phipsan thinks there should be MORE drama involved. PostScript isn’t even sure she could come up with adequate metaphorical language for this proposal. SUDDEN DEATH BIKINI, maybe:

They should make them filibuster, not just say the word. That’s nuclear, if you ask me.

factota says that this procedure is only CERTAIN POUTY VAMPIRE DOOM for the Democrats if one expected Republicans not to employ all available legislative tricks in the future anyway:

The idea that the Democrats will regret this move only makes sense if you assume that the Republicans would honor the old rule if and when they have the majority again. That’s pure fantasy.

And the alternate reality slade1890 imagines is waaay too crazy for PostScript to linguistically describe it as Armageddon of any kind:

If Senate Republicans feel strongly about the moral and political correctness of maintaining the filibuster, they can restore the rules when they are in the majority.

HAH! That would be like using nuclear weapons to somehow END a war.