Obama looks really unraveled here. (Larry Downing/Reuters) Obama looks really unraveled here. (Larry Downing/Reuters)

The Obama presidency is now finally, finally unraveling, George Will argues. Among the 5,000 comments readers have posted to Will’s column, the most common argument is that, no, Obama’s presidency is not unraveling. It unraveled, and then the yarn came untwisted so it was just a pile of threads, and even the threads separated themselves out and the molecular bonds dissolved into pure elements and even those elements are trying to slide away from one another now, that’s how unraveled.


The Presidency started to unravel on 20JAN09. It flew completely apart on 20JAN13.

Haditinzona disagrees. It is only now disintegrating! A lot! Right now. Not before. We can continue to describe it, though:

It’s all crumbling. Right before our eyes, we are watching the unraveling. We knew it would happen. No foundation, nothing to stand on. Crumbling to the ground.

Vito Nose gets philosopical. We’ve been here before. It’s a second-term thing. Something about the presidency, or the people we reelect, or fate:

The second term of virtually every president who has had one has turned bad–failed–since Kennedy was denied the chance. LBJ resigned in effect rather than have a second term. Nixon resigned for different reasons. Ford never had a proper second term. Carter was denied one too. Reagan had Iran-Contra. It’s still difficult to tell whether his senility helped to create or protected him from that situation. Bush I was denied one. Clinton had Monica. Bush II had himself. And now Obama. I’m beginning to conclude that there is no point to voting for a president twice, no matter who he is or what party he represents. Second terms are poxed from the start.

Certainly, we can see in this exchange, that the conversation we’re having is cyclical.


The Republicans are delusional.


Your granny was.

Yes, it’s a cycle at least as old as lucretius’s granny. And it’s not unraveling yet.