Dana Milbank wrote that House Republicans sure want to impeach President Obama, or at least they sure do like to talk about it. How they will impeach him or why is a much trickier question and so far unresolved, but there’s broad agreement that they should talk about it, and talk about it a lot. Milbank argues that how or why or actually getting this done is not the point. The point is rallying other people who feel that Obama should be magically not president anymore.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a member of the impeachment caucus Dana Milbank wrote about. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) Sen. Ted Cruz, a member of the impeachment caucus Dana Milbank wrote about. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Milbank’s point is borne out in the 5,000 comments.

Seasalt, for example, argues impeachment IS or SHOULD BE possible — because of Obama’s low polling. Maybe magic is involved, too:

This article is delusional. Obama and the Democrats are losing the youth, women and minorities. They are even losing California. What a cocoon.

lil6 thinks there are plenty of reasons to impeach — that everyone in the column had a different reason just makes Obama more impeachable:

What is Congress supposed to do when a President blatantly refuses to enforce laws he swore to enforce? What are they supposed to do when a President assumes some of Congress’ power unilaterally? Just be quiet or make a protest with any Constitutionally provided mechanism available to them. So, yes, if the President won’t listen to Congress’ constitutionally-based objections, use any means necessary to get the message across to him that he is NOT above the law.

Crickey7 responds to lil6 directly:

Then make an actual case, instead of vague and substance-free allegations. Impeach. See how good your claims really are.

IIday turns it around:

Well, if the Republicans can talk about impeaching the President, Attorney General Eric Holder should consider bringing treason charges against the House Republicans.
They have continually tried to bring this country down, since they lost the 2008 Presidential election.

vyburnim says don’t worry, Obama is already impeached! Figuratively:

No one needs to impeach Obama. He’s doing quite a good job at that on his own, impeaching not only his brand of “hope and change” (replaced in 2012 by “forward”) but also the illusion perpetuated by Progressives that government has to competence to manage the economy and social relations as if these were engineering projects.

pittypat makes lack-of-reason-to-impeach-ade:

Impeachment is really too good for him. I would rather see him suffer a lame duck presidency. Wake up, Americans before it’s all gone and we all live on the government plantation.

And Throw_Miley_in_Gitmo has an idea for what the House might work on instead of impeaching Obama:

You guys should plan ahead of time and vote to impeach Hillary now.

Or at least start writing the laws now that you’re pretty sure she would break. If you’re really serious about this.