It has been toe-curling, cringe-inducing agony watching the White House try to recruit young people as agents for Obamacare. The usually enviously deft Team Obama has hit one sour note after another in its attempt to re-activate the young voters who turned out big-time for Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections. Back then, being for Obama was the youthful, rebellious thing to do. I remember the chant “Don’t tell Mama, but I’m for Obama.” Well, what is the equivalent of that for Obamacare? There isn’t one. Let’s face it, advocating health care for the masses is cool and idealistic; buying government-mandated health insurance is a buzz kill.

At some level, President Obama himself must know he is off-key. He has never had a problem being self-centered, and he must still be able to relate to his own past experiences. As a college student or young activist, did he ever imagine his mission would be to get fired up and navigate a government process to buy health insurance? Did he ever really buy health insurance at all? With his own money?  I doubt it.

How long will we have to endure this clumsy spectacle? By all accounts, it’s not going well. The Post tells us that “Young people have bailed on Obama” as the Washington Examiner highlights how the president called on bartenders “to host happy hours” as a way to sell Obamacare to millennials. And if these headlines aren’t bad enough, a recent Harvard University Institute of Politics poll shows that 57 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 disapprove of Obamacare. And 54 percent of these 18- to 29-year-olds now disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president overall.

Recruiting young people to this cause is a nonstarter. After a few more days and weeks of flailing around, Team Obama will declare success, a few in the mainstream media will run some profile pieces and share positive anecdotes, and everyone will thankfully move on from this embarrassing display.

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