The de Blasio family on Election Night (Carlo Allegri/Reuters) The de Blasio family on election night (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Happy new PostScript, everyone! Boy have we got a juicy one today. So many opinions! EJ Dionne predicts 2014 will be the year an activist far left — Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, etc. — drags the whole political conversation to the left, the way the tea party dragged it to the right in recent years.

To which a contingent of the far left responds, hey, we’re all the way over here.

ReaganAnd30YearsOfWrong thinks Elizabeth Warren is pretty centrist, actually:

What Dionne ought to be doing is calling out the ineffectual, cowardly unwillingness of Obama and the rest of the Democratic center-righters in standing up to the proven failure of conservative ideas and the GOP that espouses them. Obama’s failure is in not standing up to the GOP and demanding a reversal of direction from the failed conservative ideas that gave us the Great Conservative Recession and continues to give us today’s GOP economy.

Dionne does the “left” no justice by asserting Warren is “left.” Actually, she’s pretty situated in the center. It’s not like wanting Glass-Steagall and consumer protection is some Bolshevik idea. The problem is that the malignant and rabid Bircher GOP has been allowed to drag the conversation so far to the right because of an incompetent and impotent media.

michaelpettengill47 agrees. You don’t see many of these progressives reaching as far left as, say, Ronald Reagan did:

Elizabeth Warren is a leftist?? She has called for nationalizing all the banks and corporations when, exactly? What we have is a rising protests from centrists, moderates, who are seeking to have the policies of Ronald Reagan the governor and president have a place. Ronald Reagan signed a 125% tax hike on Jan 6 1983 and doubled government spending on transportation. If that is leftist policy, then Ronald Reagan was a Marxist because he hiked taxes as governor of California and signed gun control.

analysis1 thinks Dionne is being unfairly partisan, calling for moderation for Republicans and radicalization for Democrats:

A resurgent right — which crushed the Obama majority in 2010 — is a disaster for the Republicans, while a resurgent left is a “positive”, “encouraging”, “liberating” for the Democrats. Oh, E.J., you’re such a clown.

WeirdNews thinks the pull leftward is a way to throw Obama under the bus:

What a great line. Now that Obama’s policies are failing, many liberals are calling him a moderate Republican.

theduke89 thinks it’s a distraction:

It’s more accurate to say that growing disenchantment with Obamacare has forced progressives to come up with a vacuous diversion which they call “growing inequality.”

And PajamaBiden basically argues, well, “No.”:

The reason the left doesn’t get too much traction in America is because the electorate isn’t THAT stupid.

The aptly named No way! backs up PajamaBiden. No, there is no such resurgence. No:

No matter how much bull the Wa Po prints, the progressive liberals are done with. Obamacare and a lying Obama has seen to that. So pack your bags, liberals, and hit the streets.

As delighted as PostScript is with the range of responses today, she must admit No way!’s ranges out of her understanding. Liberals should pack their bags and hit the streets? Is it a reference to Occupy Wall Street? Are they moving somewhere? Does No Way want more protesting? Let’s leave it at that. PostScript is glad to begin the year with a big spectrum of opinion and a little mystery.