While Democrats claim they can’t find extra money to offset an extension of unemployment insurance benefits in order to reach a compromise with Republicans in Congress, there are reports that the Obama administration spent $7.45 billion over the past three years to “help developing countries cope with climate change.” That’s a lot of “coping” if you ask me. Well, the cost of extending unemployment insurance benefits for three months, as outlined in the bill proposed by Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev.) and Senator Jack Reed (D-R.I.), would be $6.5 billion, so you do the math.

The Capitol (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

If the Government Accountability Office report detailing the level of U.S. financial support given to developing countries for climate change is true, somewhat true or even almost true, it is an outrage and Congress needs to stop the spending or at least re-route this money.

Forget all the talk about the scientific reality of global climate change. Instead, let me assert a political reality: World governments are not going to come together and act in concert to do anything that will alter the climate or the weather any time soon. It’s not going to happen.

Democrats need to quit denying the political science on the global warming issue. You don’t have to be a climate denier to think that wasting billions while our country goes deeper and deeper into debt is ineffective.

The U.N. climate summit pledge that resulted in this waste of taxpayer dollars is obscene. We can’t pretend that frittering away billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars overseas will result in an adjustment of the global thermostat to a level that President Obama and the Democrats find acceptable. We’re not even close to having some sort of truly helpful, enforceable or useful international agreement that would come close to justifying the U.S. tax dollars sent overseas.

And let’s face it: U.S. tax dollars aren’t spent very efficiently here at home, so I can’t imagine what happens to the dollars spent overseas to combat global warming. Undoubtedly, there are horror stories and anecdotes about this waste of money that will embarrass the Democrats and further erode their crusade to change the Earth’s climate.

The bottom line is that the United States cannot spend almost unilaterally and hope to accomplish anything for U.S. taxpayers. If anything, we should do our part by leading with technological innovation and reasonable efforts to mitigate pollution.

Global climate change should be part of the election debate in 2014. The act of throwing money at developing countries to “cope” with climate change in order to ease the collective liberal conscience is absurd and it should be exposed. The United States does not set a useful example by wasting taxpayer money on overseas programs while we need that money here at home. At this point, global warming delusionals are doing more damage than global warming deniers.

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