Lita Ness, 58, just received her final check from the unemployment office. She said "I’m registered as a Republican, but if they continue to use this not extending our [aid] I’m probably changing to Democrat." (Ed Andrieski/AP Photo) Lita Ness just received her final check from the unemployment office. (Ed Andrieski/Associated Press)

Eugene Robinson wants to know where the outrage is. Congress recently declined to extend unemployment benefits for a still-desperate nation, and, as Robinson shows in his column, many of the long-term unemployed still very much need the help. Polls even show that a majority of Americans support extending unemployment benefits. So why isn’t Congress following through? Robinson diagnoses outrage deficiency among Democrats, who, at least nominally and ideologically, should be the prime movers in extending unemployment.

Luckily enough, Robinson’s column lives here, on the Internet, home of the outrage. And even luckier, here we are in the PostScript Bunker, where outrage naturally collects in its most concentrated form. Where, Robinson asks, is the Democrats’ outrage? It’s right here.

vsaiz obliges:

On the 11th these bozos in the Capitol go on vacation! Un-freakin-believable! The economy hasn’t improved one bit because people are leaving the workforce and lowering the unemployment numbers isn’t progress. It’s a very fast slide down a cruddy ditch.

I sincerely hope the economy tanks so horribly the rich 1% take a hit so bad they understand what it means to be a real person the 99%. Ronald Raygun’s trickle down effect is trickling right down the backs of every American. The GOP and their corporate masters have driven this country straight to HELL.

Great! There it is!

Damn Dirty Ape has some outrage, too, but feels it’s pretty ineffective:

OK, I’m outraged. Does that make it any easier to overcome the GOP House majority? No? OK, back to my sandwich.

bobnpvine1 agrees. What good is [our] outrage if it doesn’t get anything done?

Count me as one outraged liberal, Eugene. But it’s not just unemployment that too many Democrats are snoozing on, it’s everything. This can change and change quickly but Obama is going to have to strap himself to the bully pulpit and preach it hot and heavy for his last 3 years because that’s all that he has left. The Republicans have every other avenue blockaded.

Howell Hurst also sees the problem as what to do with the outrage.

I would like to know where Democrats, or Independents for that matter, can expose their “outrage?” I have over the past year tried to obtain a meeting with my local NPR radio station to discuss this and similar issues, and cannot even get a reply, either by phone or email or regular mail. Must I organize a large group of people and demonstrate in the streets to bring issues to the forefront? I even wrote Barbara Boxer, my California [senator] and could not get a serious reply. The political gridlock is formidable. If one does not have a fortune, or an organized constituency, one cannot get a serious issue before the national public. At least, it is immensely difficult to do so.

And Hermit1951 makes everybody uncomfortable by responding to Howell Hurst that what we do here isn’t actually having much effect:

This article is one place where you can voice your outrage. Just saying. There are forums for “discussion.” Better question you should ask is what should be done to correct the problem, instead of just discussing it?

Well that’s the rub. If we knew what to do with all this outrage it wouldn’t be filling up the PostScript Bunker, would it?