Sarah Palin’s tweet was simple enough. “Enough is enough,” she wrote. So, I clicked on the link thinking I’d read yet another mindless yet lengthy musing from Mama Grizzly. Not sure why, but I was disappointed to read the equivalent of cotton candy. It was a mouthful whose substance disappears the moment you start to chew on it.


“The permanent political class in D.C. won’t listen. So, let’s start putting our efforts behind good new candidates who will go to Washington not to line their own pockets, but to help restore our country. It’s time to put inspiration, ingenuity, and integrity over incumbency in the GOP.”

For a Republican Party already living in fear of its far-right flank, pronouncements from Palin can’t be helpful. It’s not that she holds as much sway today as she did as the 2008 vice presidential nominee. There’s just no denying that she gives voice to the fear-driven incoherent dissatisfaction gripping the base of the GOP. 

I really wish Palin would put some meat on those tired Republican platitudes. “Restore our country”? To what? And don’t give me the line of nonsense about President Obama operating outside the necessary confines of the Constitution. “Inspiration, ingenuity, and integrity” mean nothing if those admirable qualities aren’t accompanied by a willingness to compromise as part of the lost art of governing, which requires one to put the good of the republic over the reactionaries in one’s home district. As we know, the far-right folks who have stormed Washington since 2010 care not for governing and hold compromise in even lower regard. Enough is enough, indeed.

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