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George Zimmerman’s bloody autograph

We have long known that George Zimmerman is a craven attention-seeker. From traffic stops to domestic violence calls, the killer of Trayvon Martin has been in the news with irritating regularity since he was acquitted of second-degree murder in July 2013. But what Zimmerman did over the weekend was, well, just beyond.

“Zimmerman greeted people and autographed photos of him posing with his dog,” reported Orlando television station WESH over the weekend. “He appeared at a scaled-down version of the New Orlando Gun Show at the Arms Room store on East Colonial Drive.” Scaled down because the original venue earlier in the week pulled the plug on the event after “negative feedback” over the Zimmerman grip-and-grin. That he is in demand and actually shows up at something like this is an outrage.

Last month, Zimmerman granted interviews to CNN, Univision and Fusion Univision to bemoan his life of bulletproof vests and fear that someone will harm him or his family. Throw in his lament about unemployment and homelessness and the pity-party orchestra’s violin section is in full crescendo. Remember, this is the same guy who was reportedly about to get in the boxing ring for a “celebrity” boxing match with the rapper DMX. The gun-show event wasn’t the first time Zimmerman smiled and posed for a  photo. Last August, he did that while he toured the Florida factory of the manufacturer of the gun he used to shoot and kill Trayvon with a single bullet to the chest at close range.

This leads to what should be an inevitable question: Who are these people glorifying the killer of an unarmed teenager in one of the most racially polarized incidents in recent history? Why are these autograph hounds going out of their way to shake Zimmerman’s hand? What they could possibly say to him in those few moments is enough to make me fear for humanity’s soul. For if they say to Zimmerman what his most ardent supporters have said to me over the last two years it will offend your sense of decency. At least it should.

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