Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, was so odious, so hateful that a side-eye noting of the 84-year-old’s death last night is in order. The 59-year-old “church” in Topeka, Kan., gained national infamy by protesting the funerals of those in the military and gays and lesbians. Phelps and some of his extended family carry placards containing gasp-worthy messages for the grieving and passers-by that are all the more shocking because, more often than not, they are carried by children.

“God hates fags.” “God is your enemy.” “God hates you.” “USA = fag nation.” “Fags die God laughs.” “Thank God for maimed soldiers.”  “Pray for more dead soldiers.” “Thank God for dead soldiers.” “Thank God for IEDs.” “God killed your sons.”

Westboro is an ugly family affair. So ugly that two sons (Mark and Nathan) and a daughter (Dortha Bird) fled their father and his “church.” Nathan Phelps broke the news on his Facebook page on March 16 that his estranged father was “on the edge of death.” While my condolences are always with those who have lost a loved one, now that Fred Phelps is dead, may we all live in peace.

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