There are those in the mainstream media who are committed to defending President Obama regardless of the circumstances and who will make apologies for him regardless of the facts. And there are those in the media who are eager to pronounce every weather event proof of global warming and a reason to restrict economic growth and force a lifestyle on the rest of us that liberals find acceptable.

But Tom Friedman, a liberal icon from the New York Times, has broken new ground for the Obama apologencia, contorting himself into believing that the weak, dangerous foreign policy of the Obama administration — which has made the world less safe — has actually accomplished something useful. Friedman says the Russian invasion of Crimea has opened the door to “moving America into a clean energy future — a move that would make us stronger [and] Putin weaker.” The headline of Friedman’s March 18 column declares that the Russian kidnapping of Crimea is “a blessing.” Friedman also sees the invasion and annexation of Crimea as an “adventure.” And he thinks Putin’s “adventure” has created an “opportunity” for Obama to pursue an even more aggressive global warming agenda. I’m not kidding; read it for yourself.

Nothing in Friedman’s piece suggests any flaws in the Obama administration’s foreign policy; he mentions nothing about the toe-curling humiliation of the amateur “Russia reset,” the capitulation in Syria or any of the other dangerous miscalculations that have led us to where we are with Ukraine.

Friedman must believe that if we would just cripple our economy by enacting pointless greenhouse gas reductions, Putin would somehow be chastened and President Obama will have put Russia in its place. He even sees this as an opportunity for the president to shape his ” legacy” — not a legacy of defending freedom or stopping a despot’s subjugation of free people, but a legacy of “mitigat[ing] climate change.”  Somehow, Friedman thinks the crime of partitioning another country under the premise of ethnic or historical claims is best answered with a laundry list of liberals’ green energy fantasies.

Friedman’s reasoning is surreal. Brutality can’t be stopped by windmills. Enemies of freedom are not intimidated by solar panels. If this is how liberals want to respond to aggression by the opponents of democracy, heaven help us all.

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