North Korea leader Kim Jong Un just amped up his capacity for hair-raising hilarity. From now on, according to the Korea Times, when men in the Hermit Kingdom slide into the barber chair, they are only allowed to have one ’do done: the “Dear Leader Kim Jong Un.”

Undated picture of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un released by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on March 7, 2014 . (KNS/AFP/Getty Images)

Kim’s hairdo lockdown means that men have gone from 10 approved styles to one. (Update: Some North Korea experts have challenged the veracity of the story.) Now, a young fella like Kim can get away with his unconventional look. The sides of the head are buzzed while the top of the head is a mop of sometimes centrally parted hair. But it’s guaranteed to look hideous on everyone else, especially since it screams, “I lost a bet.” Also, that Kim has a secret police and a propensity for cold-blooded murder of the disloyal means resistance is futile.

But never fear, Ladies of the Hermit Kingdom! Your 18 approved ’dos remain in effect, including distinctions between the coiffeurs of the married and the unmarried. “This also has the useful effect of establishing whether a woman is married or not at a glance,” the Taiwan-based Want China Times website cleverly reported last year. “If you like it, then you should have put some curlers in it, to paraphrase Beyonce.”

Un Un oh…..

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