J.D. Winteregg sure knows how to get your attention. Not in a USAirways #NSFW kinda way, mind you. (Sorry, folks, you’re just going to have to Google search that one — from home.) But pretty close. Winteregg, seeking to unseat House Speaker John A. Boehner (R) from the Ohio congressional seat he has held since 1991, released a web ad asking viewers if they suffer from “electile dysfunction.”

If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years seek immediate medical attention.

Winteregg, a high school teacher, deserves an A for cleverness. But that’s about it. For he makes promises he can’t keep and displays incredible ignorance about how things work in the real world. He vows that “Obamacare will be defunded.” Nevermind the 54 failed attempts to do so, plus a sitting president who will never sign legislation killing his signature legislative achievement.

Go to Winteregg’s website and you’ll see all sorts of pablum. For instance, he promises to “oppose a raise in debt ceiling and will work to cut taxes and spending.” Nevermind that raising the legal limit on national borrowing is about paying for things already bought by the federal government. It’s not a blank check. So, no amount of tax cutting and spending reductions is going to get the nation to debt-free nirvana.

Speaker Boehner (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Speaker Boehner (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Winteregg follows his debt-ceiling nonsense with “supports veterans and giving them the benefits they’ve earned.” Nevermind that that could be impossible if his earlier promise by some miracle were fulfilled. Veterans benefits were on the line like everything else when the Treasury was forced to contemplate robbing Peter to pay Paul during the last two debt-ceiling crises.

The Capitol  is already filled with far too many folks with faulty grasps on facts. Or reality, for that matter. And they have made Boehner’s life a living hell. So, there’s no need to add Winteregg to the mix. Not that he stands a chance against the speaker. But, hey, you never know.

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