Barack Obama (Evan Vucci/Associated Press) President Obama (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Whenever I write about anything related to race, I always end up getting an email from a right-winger calling me a “race hustler” who is obsessed with race. Why, just last week, one fella wrote, “Anybody in the pages of the WaPo or on the airwaves at MSNBC is trained to use racism to explain everything from why the sky is cloudy to why Obama’s March Madness picks end up losing.  It’s racism, I tell ya.” That was in response to my post on baseball legend Hank Aaron getting hammered for speaking a racial truth.

So, I wonder how the race cops of the right will respond to the actions of Jim Thompson, chairman of the Winnebago County Republican Central Committee (WCRCC). In the last item in the WCRCC bulletin of April 28, Thompson brought the snark.

Media update for the week:  saw on the news this week the offspring of a donkey and a zebra, black and white legs, rest all donkey.  Not sure why this is news: now if we can teach him to read a teleprompter, we could have two living creatures the media will fawn over that is part white part black and all a**!

Thompson is talking about Khumba, the mix of a donkey and a zebra or zonkey. As you might imagine, the alternative — debra — is probably problematic. Anyway, the April 21 birth of this rare creature in Mexico made global news. And leave it to race-obsessed simpletons on the right to link Khumba to Obama.

This isn’t the first time local Republican officials played with racial fire by riffing on the president’s race. Remember the watermelon patch on the South Lawn sent by Dean Grose, the former mayor of Los Alamitos, California, in 2009? Or how about president and his parents depicted as apes in 2011 in an email sent by Marilyn Davenport of the Republican Central Committee of Orange County? And who can forget the years invested by most Republicans in keeping the racist birther lie against Obama alive?

I’m not waiting for the race cops of the right to react to the zonkey idiocy. They never see race at all — even when it’s staring them in the face. Pathetic.

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