Linwood Barnhill dirtied his D.C. police badge and degraded two teenage girls when he enticed them into the prostitution racket that he operated out of his Southeast D.C. apartment until he was caught last fall.

Now, he is going to pay for it. Today, Barnhill entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors charging him with one count of possession of child pornography and two counts of pandering a minor for the purposes of prostitution. If the judge accepts the plea agreement, Barnhill could be sentenced to seven years in prison. It’s not enough.

Barnhill was on the public payroll while he worked as a pimp. That is about all the work he was doing, because he was collecting his government check while sitting at home on administrative leave. It so happens that Barnhill also lives in the same police district where he was assigned: the 7th District. Barnhill’s administrative leave status apparently kept him from going to work, but word on the street is that some cops came to him to socialize at his apartment.

We now know something about the girls ensnared by Barnhill. But what about the johns? They fuel the trade. Barnhill’s plea deal should be only the first step.