All the talk about impeaching President Obama is crazy. Notice that most of the commentary about impeachment actually comes from Democrats, not Republicans. Forget about whether or not there might theoretically be a technically valid legal case for impeachment; it won’t happen. But the usual suspects on the left would like for Republicans to try. It is in the Obama forces’ best interest to pretend that the Republicans might really try to impeach the president. It is easier for them to motivate their base when it appears they are dealing with a dangerous, reckless foe. The fact that a few conservative outliers bring up impeachment from time to time and GOP leaders have to pacify them is enough to allow the Democrats to declare that impeachment is a real possibility. They wish.

House Speaker John Boehner, right, watches President Obama speaks during a ceremony honoring the 2013 Presidents Cup U.S. team at the White House. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

The Obama presidency is such an ongoing disaster that the Democrats need to change the subject any time and any way they can. They cannot defend what the administration is doing, so they have to invent straw men and sound the alarm over the non-existent extreme actions they wish Republicans would try.

First, nobody serious thinks impeachment is possible, much less what the public wants. Voters are not clamoring for or prepared for such a move. Starting impeachment proceedings in the House would shock the nation and confirm all of their feelings about Washington being out of touch. GOP leaders know this — mention impeachment and almost all of them just roll their eyes.

Second, impeachment doesn’t equal removal from office. Remember, the House impeached President Clinton — and everybody knows what that accomplished. No one in the GOP has the appetite for a futile exercise that would make President Obama look like a victim of half-cocked Republicans.

Third, even if the impossible happened and President Obama was impeached, convicted and then removed from office, what good what it do? The elevation of Joe Biden and the appointment of a new vice president — along with a whole new cabinet — is about the only thing that could happen to the Democrats that could give them a new lease on life. A limping, exhausted, rejected bunch of Obama retreads and apologists is who Republicans want to face in 2016, not some new, energetic group that would be credible in saying the Obama era is behind us.

The Democrats can keep pretending impeachment is a possibility for a while. It may motivate a few donors and give the Democrats’ friends in the media another reason to rant against Republicans and exhibit swooning faux anguish over how unfairly they believe the poor president has been treated. But the bottom line is that the impeachment fantasy is not going anywhere.

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