(Peter Foley/Bloomberg) (Peter Foley/Bloomberg)

My heart was broken this morning. Crumbs, that purveyor of cupcake goodness, has gone kaput.

See, the 11-year-old New York City-based business figured prominently in two very bad routines I had. One involved travel. Whenever I trained up to the Big Apple in the afternoons or evenings, I would buy the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles (later that chocolate number with the gooey center). It would sit in its chic plastic case until after I ate lunch or dinner. I was so devoted to the routine that train conductors started asking, “Where’s mine?”

The other routine revolves around my biweekly haircut. After getting my mane manicured at Wall’s Barbershop near the White House, I used to stop off at McDonald’s for a memory-lane treat of two cheeseburgers and a medium fry. Then I discovered there was a Crumbs just a block up the street. Delicious. But both of my post-haircut habits were doing a number on my waistline so I had to cut back. “Hair did. No Clown. No Crumbs” is a familiar refrain on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Today’s news forces me to make an amendment. No more Crumbs.

I should have known something was up last week when I walked by the joint on 17th Street and it was shuttered. Everything was gone, except for the empty display cases. Not a crumb in sight.  But that’s okay. There’s always “Baked and Wired”! Its “chocolate cupcake of doom” is to die for.

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