What could the GOP do to help Democrats get off the mat just in time for them to salvage something from the 2014 midterm elections? Well, Republicans could overreach by promoting the futile idea that President Obama could be impeached.

Trying to initiate impeachment proceedings would distract voters from the issues that matter and also remind them of what they don’t like about Republicans. Yep, impeachment would do it. And the fact that Sarah Palin brought this issue up should make it more radioactive to Republicans everywhere, rather than more appealing. Not to mention, the timing is almost perfect for the Democrats: We are about two months out from the time when voters really start thinking about the election.

The 2014 midterm elections need to be about jobs, the economy and Obamacare. This election should not be about President Obama. Haven’t we been down this road before? In 2012, didn’t we think dissatisfaction with President Obama would turn out Republicans and conservatives and elect Mitt Romney? As unpopular as President Obama is, voters vote with their pocketbooks. We should be talking about the first-quarter GDP contraction and the loss of full-time jobs in June. And as Politico pointed out this week, higher state health insurance rates may be announced shortly before the midterm elections.

So Republicans should be talking about these real problems, which will have an impact on Americans across the country. Pursuing impeachment or even talking too much about it just reinforces the notion of Republicans as hyper-partisans who are obsessed with the president and who don’t want to do anything but hound him. We could face a backlash — or worse, generate some sympathy for the president and the Democrats.

We don’t want to usher in a new era of tit-for-tat politics where one of the blows we trade is impeachment. Remember, history says the next president will be a Republican.

We shouldn’t pretend that we see “high crimes and misdemeanors” in just about everything President Obama does. The GOP should follow House Speaker John Boehner’s lead and stay away from any talk of impeachment.

The political case for impeachment is not even close to being made. Republicans need to read what The Post’s Aaron Blake and the Washington Examiner’s Byron York have written today about how the Democrats made the wise decision to shutter any talk about impeaching President George W. Bush before the 2006 midterm elections, and take what they say to heart.

Republicans should keep the impeachment fantasy to themselves and focus on Obamacare, jobs and the economy.

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