Arizona State Rep. Adam Kwasman (R) represents the worst of American politics these days. The Republican candidate for a congressional seat from the Grand Canyon State joined an Oracle, Ariz. protest against the housing of undocumented migrant children there.  When a school bus appeared, Kwasman decided to take the fight to them. Of course, he live tweeted his activities. But Kwasman got a bit of an on-camera grilling from 12News political reporter Brahm Resnik which exposed his woeful lack of judgment.

Kwasman: When you abrogate the rule of law and start picking and choosing how to follow laws, you’re going to have a terrible result. You know, I was actually able to see some of the children in the buses and the fear on their faces. This is not compassion. When you have a rule of law and a secure border and citizenship and immigration naturalization process that works, you don’t see this. It’s a very sad, sad state of affairs that we have right now.

Resnick: Which children on the buses were those?

Kwasman: I saw a school bus with plenty of children on it. So, I’m assuming that that was a bus that was moving through.

Resnik: You know that was a bus with YMCA kids?

Kwasman: They were sad, too. OK, I apologize. I didn’t know. I was leaving when I saw them. So if that was a school bus. People are not happy down the line. That’s an error by me.

Resnik: Should you be making those kinds of assumptions on such a charged issue as to talk about seeing the kids when those weren’t the kids?

Kwasman: I said I saw children. I saw children.

Resnik: But those weren’t migrant children.

Kwasman: Those were not migrant children. That’s fine. Listen, when you see, I have people, it was a mistake. That was a mistake. If that was not correct then that’s a mistake.

Yes, that was a mistake. So big of a mistake that I hope the good people of Arizona’s first congressional district don’t compound it by sending Kwasman to Washington. Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts was correct when she wrote yesterday that “Kwasman should fit right into Congress.” True, but Congress could use fewer of him, if you ask me.

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