President Obama speaks at the White House Friday. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

Nothing like commenting on Rep. Mo Brooks’s allegation of a Democratic Party “war on whites” inspired by President Obama to bring out its self-proclaimed battle-scarred victims. Those aggrieved folks who feel they are being unfairly maligned for espousing views that are politically problematic and ignorant of context. One such put-upon reader sent me an e-mail yesterday.

Greg Brown doesn’t like Democrats and most certainly doesn’t like Obama. And he absolutely doesn’t like being called a racist because of it, not that I or anyone else did such a thing. But that’s the thing about victims of the “war on whites.” They play the so-called race card with the gusto of those lefties they accuse of manufacturing the deck.


Of course blacks think white people hate them. We have a President, Attorney General, and many media liberal wingnuts that have told them so. I believe Barack Obama is the worst President in my lifetime. That does not make me racist but if you listen to people like Eugene Robinson and You I am. I believe Obama is a failure – does that make me a racist. I believe Obama pushes liberal policies bad for the country. Does that make me a racist.  I believe Obama has weakened the country. Does that make me a racist. And I believe liberals for the most part of idiots as they try to force their beliefs on others but never respect others beliefs. Does that make me a racist.

Growing up I also believed Jimmy Carter was an embarrassment, a dumb peanut farmer, and a terrible President. Gee he was white so nobody ever used the R word.

And when I look at the problems in this country I find black inner city gangs, violence, and drug usage. I find high black unemployment, high black food stamp and other taxpayer funded programs, and I find blacks who generally believe they are owed. Does that make me a racist.  If I mention my close friend is also black and has the same beliefs as me – does that make him a racist.  NO – What it means is liberals who have pushed big government and taxpayer funded giveaways have created a black entitlement culture that is bad for the country.

G Brown

Brown’s defensive letter has it all. There’s the bad grammar, the misspellings and the de rigueur “some of my best friends are black” reference. He even trods down the well-worn path that African Americans are to blame for all their ills. My favorite line of grievance is the one about liberals being “idiots” who “try to force their beliefs on others but never respect others beliefs.” The vintage of this whine is as old as time.

But let me take Brown seriously for a moment. Is it possible to criticize Obama without being slapped with the scarlet R? Absolutely. Just be specific in articulating your objections. Saying Obama is a failure is meaningless if you don’t bother to back it up with at least one concrete example followed by an equally concrete example of what he should have done. Reducing the push-back to a non-existent “war on whites” only adds to the widely held perception that race colors much of the opposition to anything the president says or does.

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