The photo above is beyond enraging. As angry as people have a right to be about the circumstances surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown on Saturday, nothing — absolutely nothing — justifies the looting and violence that broke out after a vigil in Ferguson, Mo., last night.

This is not how you protest the shooting of an unarmed teenager. This is not how you show support for his grieving family. This is not how you make authorities understand your anger and concern. This is not how you get others to join your cause. Perhaps I’m being too generous when it comes to those knuckleheads who used a tragedy to trash businesses and scurry off with bottles of wine, among other things. Perhaps I’m giving the looters too much credit by presuming they actually care about what happened to Michael Brown and how to prevent it from happening again.

But there are plenty of people who do care and want answers. The actions of selfish and opportunistic looters must not distract us from getting them.

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