Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidate, Michelle Nunn, recently suggested she might not vote for Harry Reid to be Democratic Senate leader if she wins her election. That the first vote Democratic senators would take would be to reelect Harry Reid, and thereby support and maintain the status quo in Washington, is a potent weapon for Republicans to use against Democratic candidates.  In a well-rehearsed statement, Nunn told reporters that she “look[s] forward to changing the composition in the leadership of the Senate” and “will vote for the Democratic leader that . . . best represents our capacity to get things done.” What a charade. Since she is now on the record with the thought, she should name names of alternative candidates for Democratic leader. Who might receive her very first vote?

Michelle Nunn (Erik S. Lesser/EPA) Michelle Nunn (Erik S. Lesser/European Pressphoto Agency)

If the Democrats do maintain control of the Senate – a feat that is looking less and less likely – Reid will probably run unopposed for majority leader.  There is a chance that a new senator will be allowed to abstain or to engage in a show vote to save some face, but to suggest that Nunn’s vote would be in play if she is elected is just phony.

This type of posturing embodies the deceit Nunn’s entire campaign is based on. (Remember the leaked memo of her campaign strategy that exposed how contrived and fabricated her image really is?) But she is not the only Democrat who is resorting to these tactics in an attempt to get votes. If reelected, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is not going to stand up to the president and make a difference on the Keystone XL pipeline. Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes has already proven she doesn’t really care about coal, no matter what she says on the campaign trail. And the very notion that Nunn wouldn’t fall into lockstep with the Democrats as soon as she crossed into the Beltway is just ridiculous. Democratic candidates seem to be counting on voters being really stupid. It is painfully obvious that much of what they say is not sincere.

This type of sinister deceit should not be viewed in isolation. As I have said before, this behavior is indicative of how the entire Democratic campaign machinery operates, and the party should be held accountable for their candidates’ actions.

Democrats are belittling the intelligence of voters, trying to hide the liberal allegiances they have – or would have – when they have to govern. They continue to say one thing back home and govern a different way once they get to Washington. It’s no wonder that Americans have become so cynical about our political system.

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